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Going Mobile

Mobile Apps for Business Visibility | Sending out Deals & QR Coupons | Keeping in Touch | Getting Found through the world of Live Apps



You deserve a mobile website that is search friendly and connects with savvy internet users. Through your website you can keep in contact with your customers by marketing on social networks. Hire us to make it so.


Why Mobile?

Build Market Traction. Smartphone usage has surpassed that of PCs, and more online searches are taking place over mobile devices. With your mobile friendly website & your own mobile app, you attract modern customers.


Mobile Apps

We create your mobile app and place it into the Android and iOS markets so you can reach the next generation of consumers. We enable you to send deals, notices and incentives through your app.


YouTube Counter

Send traffic to your YouTube Videos and get real views by real people. Increase your SEO inside YouTube with our special system.

Benefits when you buy YouTube views:

  • Appear higher in search result listings
  • Become popular
  • Build subscriber base
  • Communicate with Fans

All views delivered follow the rules and are completely legitimate.

About Us


Real People

We enjoy helping our clients stay on top of their market using the tricks of our trade.

Interested in having your own Mobile App for your business or event? We are computer wizards who will make your mobile friendly website and your mobile app for any device work like magic! Mobile Apps need to be created and published by established iOS and Android publishers. We love the publishing process. Not just the print type of publishing, but the ebook,

the website and the mobile app work that goes along with making any product these days. If you are wanting to interact with your clients and customers through a mobile app, please contact us through this website. We can and will give you an outstanding deal as we continue to publish more and more apps for our ingenious clientele. Create, Purchase & Subscribe to Your App Here.

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  • Address: Seattle, WA USA
  • Phone: 206-232-9129
  • Email:liveapps.us@gmail.com

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