Five of the most useful online data rooms for salespeople

Virtual data rooms are the modern solution to many business problems related to security, transaction, and document management. VDRs can satisfy practically all needs of companies in different fields such as real estate sales, M&A deals, etc. Nowadays the market is overflowing with various offers from providers and each product has its own peculiarities. In … Continue reading “Five of the most useful online data rooms for salespeople”

Data room due diligence for employees benefits

Have you ever wondered about innovative technologies that can be beneficial for your all goals? Nowadays, it becomes possible to implement and use such modern tools as data room due diligence, deal room, software as a service, and document sharing service. Let’s open together for businesses extra perspectives that increase the overall productivity. In simple … Continue reading “Data room due diligence for employees benefits”

5 Best Security Apps for Tablets

Nowadays compact devices are gradually replacing stationary PCs. Research shows that properly protected digital devices will perform flawlessly for a long time. This article is about the best security apps for tablets. Basic principles of tablet protection Tablet users run the risk of contracting dangerous software. These are banking, spyware, adware, malicious applications created by … Continue reading “5 Best Security Apps for Tablets”

How board portal software can improve company communication culture?

The board must remain stable and productive despite the fact that they have to work in an ever-changing economy. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to do so because a crisis can come at any moment. When that happens, board members have to work as united as ever and there is now a … Continue reading “How board portal software can improve company communication culture?”

Keep&Share Financial Data with Data room Services

Recently, the activity of virtual data rooms has become one of the most discussed and frequently used. Forecasts in this area report that the VDR market will not stop growing and will reach almost $2 trillion by next year. This is because more and more organizations are moving away from the physical storage of documents … Continue reading “Keep&Share Financial Data with Data room Services”