5 Best Security Apps for Tablets

Nowadays compact devices are gradually replacing stationary PCs. Research shows that properly protected digital devices will perform flawlessly for a long time. This article is about the best security apps for tablets.

Basic principles of tablet protection

Tablet users run the risk of contracting dangerous software. These are banking, spyware, adware, malicious applications created by hackers, and ransomware. The purpose of malicious software is to infect a tablet and gain access to stored and transmitted data. A tablet is the same computer, only in a more compact form. And an increasing number of mobile device owners store confidential information in their memory.

As many people know, most viruses get on the device along with applications that the user downloads from the Internet. These can be games, small office programs, videos, and the most cunning hackers manage to embed them even in images. Thus, tablet protection is a necessity.

Top 5 security apps for your tablet

We have chosen the best options that are included in the ranking of the best antivirus programs:

  1. 360 Security Antivirus

A great multifunctional program has a new Sky Bridge architecture, which allows you to speed up the scan of the tablet for viruses up to 300%. Updated systems of this program provide an opportunity to ensure reliable protection before the virus. Also pleased with the user-friendly interface, just the names of the functions, as well as a small amount of space on the drive. A great option for checking the tablet. Among advantages there are:

  • acceleration for games;
  • small program size;
  • regular updates.
  1. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

 This antivirus program in Russian was originally developed on Windows, but with the growing popularity of tablets, the developers decided to create a mobile version for mobile gadgets based on Android. It has a lot of useful and interesting features, such as:

  • real-time protection;
  • theft protection;
  • updated firewall;
  • scheduled scanning.

However, the program is very demanding on the resources of the tablet. In addition, on weak devices with less than one gigabyte of RAM, Mobile Security & Antivirus will interfere rather than help.

  1. Web Light

It is an excellent antivirus, which, unlike the previous ones, has a free license. Of course, for this option, users do not get many features. Besides, Dr.Web Light will be able to provide reliable real-time protection. The program can scan your drive for viruses that can be dangerous to other operating systems, like Windows. Other benefits include:

  • anti-theft module, which locks the device in case of theft;
  • the free version provides the most necessary security features;
  • low system requirements allow you to work with the weakest devices.
  1. Kaspersky Mobile Security

It is a very powerful program that is suitable for most mobile devices. It has a built-in anti-theft option that allows you to erase information about the owner of the phone remotely in case of theft of your device. The application does not require much memory. The free version limits the functionality of the program, for example, you will not have access to the call barring function.

  1. CM Security

One software combines a powerful antivirus, blocking application, phone acceleration, and garbage cleaning. CM Security is one of the best antiviruses for Android in the Google Play Market. The main functions and characteristics are:

  • works on phones or tablets;
  • garbage cleaning and device acceleration;
  • multilevel protection: eliminates vulnerabilities in the system and scans the installed software;
  • application Lock is a photo of an attacker who takes pictures of anyone who enters an incorrect password twice.

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