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AVG Review of 2019

Despite the fact that the new AVG is more likely an additional version of free Avast with fewer additional components than an independent product, the antivirus turned out to be worthy. The Avast engine provides a fairly high signature detection, and the program is equipped with several proactive defense technologies: DeepScreen, CyberCapture, Program Analysis. Also, due to the generous developers from Avast, AVG usually receives useful upgrades and muchly increases its potential and position in the global rating.


Although it is common to start with advantages, we’ll start AVG review with the negative side in order to give all the critical information that can be scary to a potential buyer at the beginning. Most of the shortcomings are present in the AVG free version. Thus, there were identified small bugs like incomplete localization or some loading struggles. What relates to another technical side, temporary inability to restore some objects from quarantine and slow reaction on advanced features (which are unavailable in the free version), were sometimes noticed.

Secondly, despite the abundance of proactive technologies in the antivirus, their overall reliability is not high enough. Several synthetic tests (if such can be taken into consideration) confirmed a lack of reaction on some real threats. Also, some other features, even of the paid version, were not aggressive enough, which doubts full reliably protection of personal data from leakage. However, one should remember that no antivirus can be 100% safe and ready for new treats or spying programs with new algorithms.

Another drawback that should be mentioned is not full compatibility with all the platforms. Thus, there were noticed some difficulties while testing all the functions on Mac and Linux devices. To add the list of shortcomings, a rather slow first scanning also was notified.

All in all, almost all the negative sides that were mentioned can be fixed, and the developing team probably knows about them. Moreover, all those drawbacks seem to be a rather particular and usually ignored by most users, remembering that AVG presents a rather stable free version of security software.

Approved Advantages

  • One can highlight that the free version suggests enough features, and it makes AVG the variant to review at least. However, paid versions are also cheaper compared to competitors, while present even more useful tips to increase security and safety.
  • Online Security. AVG uses several modes to reduce spying and even annoying online influence. Thus, owners of the most expensive version can block even unknown incoming emails and define potential threats related to malware or ransomware.
  • Reliable Firewall. Another essential benefit as current spying software tries to get valuable information on all the possible levels. Enhanced necessary protection that secures information exchange is currently increasing, while owners of AVG can feel calmer.
  • Performance enhancer. Earlier, such functions were performed by cleaners, but modern secure software decided to include such features. AVG is not an exclusion and presents a reliable tool that suggests performance enhancing while taking control of the system.
  • Support quality. One more aspect, which is not always organized on the needed level. A variety of QA rubrics, along with several methods to contact the support team, only confirms that AVG is among the leaders in this sphere.

Useful Features

  • Personal data protection. AVG presents an interesting approach in terms of personal data security. Thus, owners receive both secured folders for storage, while software pays additional attention to access during logging and payments online.
  • One account for several devices. Quite a traditional approach in modern times, but AVG presents full compatibility even of a free version. Also, paid ones are available for an unlimited number of devices.

The desire to improve. The concluding passage will be rather unusual. We compared the AVG version of 2017 and 2019 and found numerous improvements. It forces to suggest that developers will continue their work, and the product will be even better in the future.