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Best Internet Security Suits Software of 2020

Internet security software turns out to be more important than many users think. It performs essential functions in the everyday browsing shielding the devices (and data stored there) from all kinds of online threats and malware. Today, we’ll discuss how to pick the best Internet security software as well as the most popular solutions on the market.

Useful Tips to Help You Install the Best Internet Security Software

If you need to install Internet security software, it’s worth checking out programs from Norton, McAfee, Avast, etc. They combine the best prices and quality of services. However, it’s also important to learn more about some facts.

  • Firstly, it’s important to understand that antivirus and Internet security are different programs. While some providers already include both in the bundle, there are cases when they come separately. It’s a common confusion but to remain brief, every user needs both.
  • Secondly, Internet security is essential as it monitors the URLs a user visits to proactively block phishing sites, malicious pages, scams, etc. Depending on the software provider, a user can get a warning message or won’t see the page in the search results at all.
  • Finally, some Internet security bundles come with extra tools and features. For instance, a user can get a personal firewall, a safe browser, etc. Together they increase the level of security and bring excellent browsing experience.

An Overview of Norton Internet Security

The software has a very simple and intuitively-navigated interface. According to the results from the independent testing labs, this is one of the most reliable and effective solutions on the market.

The latest version also brings extra tools. For example, a user can uninstall the PC clean and remove the unwanted software without any related files left. What’s more, the package brings an online backup storage tool. Other extras are a password manager, a VPN, an ad block tool, download monitoring, identity protection, etc.

Its combination with antivirus solution secures complete protection from all kinds of online and offline threats. 

The Peculiarities of Avast Internet Security

Although the software is rather bulky, it brings plenty of features for advanced protection. The bundle has a Real Site tool that scans all search results and verifies the trustworthy ones. It also has a VPN to add anonymity and additional protection for all online activities.

Avast offers complex solutions that include antivirus protection, too. In such cases, the bundle shields PCs from viruses, malware, spam, ransomware, ads, and other threats.

The suite usually comes with extra tools like a personal firewall, a file shredder, an optimization tool, a password manager, etc. Independent test results have shown that this software has excellent URL filters.

Things You Should Know about McAfee

This Internet security package delivers safe online browsing for up to 10 devices at once. A single subscription can protect all the household devices from viruses, malware, and other online threats.

Based on the independent tests’ results, McAfee detects and stops most malware, including zero-day threats. What’s more, a user gets extra tools like a password manager, which is said to be the best in the world nowadays.

Alternative Solutions

Using Internet security software, a user is sure to protect the PC from hackers and online threats. In case you don’t fancy any of the options described above, it’s still possible to find something suitable. One can take a closer look at offers from Bitdefender, Kaspersky, etc. They also offer good protection and an affordable price tag.