Get acquainted with the process of delete antivirus from your devices

How to close avast on different devices

We will present a step-by-step guideline on how to close avast on your PC and mobile to maintain the goal successfully

What is Avast

Avast antivirus program is a leading program for protecting your data and organizing excellent working of your PC and a smartphone as well. After installing this app it will work effectively on your device and update automatically to improve database searching of viruses and preventing hazardous attacks.

The main options of Avast are applied to:

  • Safe passwords
  • Spam blocking
  • Running the suspicious apps
  • Examining weak links of WiFi
  • Malware blocking
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Webcam protection
  • Fast scanning procedure

These options are working perfectly on different kinds of devices. But there are some disadvantages of running the antivirus. Some negative facts appear on the Internet appealing to this software about sharing personal information.  They say that the program uses all users’ clicks in Google and YouTube to track information. As a matter of fact, collecting data is used against the users. This is a disappointing fact for many clients as Avast antivirus is used by more than four hundred million people all around the world. Having your personal details been collected by software and sold may make you feel uncomfortable losing trustworthiness to this software.

How to close Avast

Perhaps you want to download a new antivirus program to improve your software and optimize your device operations manager. In that case you have to close the previous program at first. It seems to sound simple but it is not as a matter of fact. You cannot delete this program easily. You have to do a certain procedure to accomplish the task effectively. The following step-by-step instructions will straightforwardly overcome this issue:

  1. You should open Avast by clicking on the “Open Avast user interface”.
  2. Come to the selection of “Troubleshooting” from the option of “Settings”.
  3. “Enable Avast self-defense module” is coming next. You receive messages ensuring, agree with the request immediately to run the procedure.
  4. Shut the window of the Avast interface.
  5. Choose “Task manager” after applying to ctrl-alt-delete.
  6. Press “End task” of all presented items.

All the procedure has to be done in a proper way to stop this mechanism. You won’t be able to close it with the antivirus menu just by clicking on exit. The mechanism is working in a way that will straightforwardly disable this process. So, thoroughly running the options for closing will be effective in stopping the mechanism itself.


Sometimes your antivirus software packages don’t let you watch videos on your favourite websites. It is a disappointing fact that leads to deleting the installed program and searching for the proper one. Moreover, the antivirus can leak data from your PC and mobile. Avast mechanism disables the closing mechanism by infecting your software. You have to do it properly to protect your devices from malware before loading the new antivirus.