Five of the most useful online data rooms for salespeople

Virtual data rooms are the modern solution to many business problems related to security, transaction, and document management. VDRs can satisfy practically all needs of companies in different fields such as real estate sales, M&A deals, etc. Nowadays the market is overflowing with various offers from providers and each product has its own peculiarities. In this article, we will review the top 5 VDR providers in 2021.

Datasite – Overview 

Datasite is a feature-rich platform for business companies that need enhanced security associated with frequent due diligence. It is a highly secure and reliable tool that adds value and speed to mergers and acquisitions or similar business transactions (any other kind of transaction). With Datasite it is much easier to manage the transaction process. 

The main features offered by the provider are: 

  • Improved data management

Upload and organize files in the space quickly and easily, AI tools will automatically name documents for you. There’s document sharing and smart search capabilities 

  • Security 

Track user activity, search history, and actions within documents. Detailed access permissions allow you to control the confidentiality of documents and allow only the necessary users to access them. There’s also a real-time reporting function.

  • Collaborative working

 There is a question and answer section where you can have lively discussions in complete confidentiality. 

  • Flexibility 

The program is available from all devices and operating systems. The most important thing is a stable internet connection.

Box Virtual Dataroom – Overview 

Box Virtual Dataroom is another representative provider that specializes in providing M&A transaction services. The program focuses on making sure that you can close your transactions in peace, and not be distracted by various additional work factors. Therefore, the provider offers you the ability to move documents and negotiations from email to a virtual data room space from

Inside the space, you can share and collaborate on documents, grant and deny access to unauthorized users, and participate in discussions, without any risk. The space offers you data encryption and watermarks to prevent data leakage. 

ShareFile – Overview 

ShareFile is a data room with as simple an interface as possible, but which is still capable of providing a quality deal-making service. It provides you with real-time collaboration and automates many processes. VDR also can put electronic signatures and has many integrations with third-party programs. This increases your productivity and saves time. Document exchange is completely secure as the vendor has state-of-the-art data encryption methods both at rest and on the go. 

Egnyte – overview 

Egnyte is a great way to collaborate in a secure space that also helps in upgrading and improving your infrastructure. With this space, you can seamlessly communicate with your other businesses, and give them remote access to the information they need. One of the vendor’s Egnyte Connect products focuses on collaboration and allows you to work on tasks and data wherever and however you want without risking performance degradation. 

Intralinks – Overview 

Intralinks also specializes in optimizing mergers and acquisitions, its main goal is to improve the closing process, global banking, and capital market transactions. This online repository guarantees the absolute security for the data that enters its space. It also offers lifetime data protection, customizable, highly managed permissions, and advanced data access rights management (IRM) for secure VDRs.