AVG Review of 2019

Despite the fact that the new AVG is more likely an additional version of free Avast with fewer additional components than an independent product, the antivirus turned out to be worthy. The Avast engine provides a fairly high signature detection, and the program is equipped with several proactive defense technologies: DeepScreen, CyberCapture, Program Analysis. Also, … Continue reading AVG Review of 2019

Lifetime Vpn

VPN for Lifetime usage Overview With Cyberghost’s VPN offer, our readers receive the cheapest offer on the German market. By comparison, the normal 18-month package costs 3.50 euros per month. The test winner of our large VPN comparison NordVPN offers its VPN service for the equivalent of 2.63 euros per month – but at this … Continue reading Lifetime Vpn

Fast Internet Protection or Good Internet Protection?

It is important to stay protected when surfing the Internet, and that is why you need to use special software programs. There are lots of different solutions that can be utilized for this purpose, and they come in different sizes, with various features, etc. Sometimes, people note that the speed of their internet connection slows … Continue reading Fast Internet Protection or Good Internet Protection?